Anna Green, MA, RP, RMFT

Anna GreenMeeting you where you are -
Safe, Supportive & Empathic

Anna Green Counselling & Psychotherapy is an Ottawa based clinical practice centred on readiness, adequate supports, a trustworthy, safe, supportive, and empathic counselling environment. Counselling is collaborative, helps define goals, builds your inner and outer resources to facilitate confident, sustainable, stable, and healthy relationships.  Therapy can also lead to improvements in self-esteem, empowerment, self-soothing-care, problem solving, insights, growth, and wisdom. Ultimately leading to a more satisfying and resourceful life. A few  of the many therapies I use include ART, EMDR  Clinical Hypnosis, and Emotional Focussed Couple Therapy. REGISTER HERE:

Holistic Integrated Approach to Counselling

My approach to psychotherapy with individuals and couples is integrative and uses tools and interventions that support the integration of healthy thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values, sensations, and behaviors. Theories I draw on include psychodynamic therapy, self- and relational psychology; cognitive behaviour therapy, attachment theory, emotional focussed therapy, narrative therapy, existential therapy, solution focussed therapy, experiential focussing and experiential models, and mindfulness.

Internships, Counselling modalities, Body-mind Therapy

At Bruyere Hospital,  I interned as a counsellor in pastoral care services with cancer and stroke and in a short-term care program for the elderly who were being assessed. I did further internships at Rideauwood Addiction & Family Services and the Centre for Treatment of Sexual Abuse & Childhood Trauma where I am now a professional member. I have experience working with persons who have experienced overwhelm, anxiety and depression; suicidal thoughts; existential and spiritual questioning; stress; anger; grief and loss, death and dying; life transitions; questions of purpose; cancer and other life threatening illnesses; motor vehicle accidents and disability; chronic and long-term conditions such as chronic fatigue, pain, fibromyalgia; addiction and recovery; dissociative disorders and DID; and trauma including abuse. Beyond my clinical practice, I have fourteen years providing holistic counselling services and body-centered therapy to clients through my other business Spirit Well Holistics I invite you to brouse both sites to see which approach appeals to you. I believe my experience in both body and mind therapies gives clients a wider range of possibilities for healing in a way they feel comfortable.

My Perspective

I honor each person’s unique journey toward wellness: their story, diversity and lived experiences. I welcome clients from all religious faiths, spiritual orientations, and ethnic backgrounds. My practice includes male and female clients regardless of sexual orientation or identity.

I offer my services as a guide to walk beside you during difficult times in your life and to assist you to overcome issues that you seek assistance with regardless of the challenge.