Online Counselling

Making mental and behavioural health more accessible can be challenging. NousTalk is a secure HIPA and PHIPA compliant therapy platform that lets me bring counselling and psychotherapy to you anytime anywhere via a simple, secure, encrypted live online audio video service.



Making Mental Healthcare More Accessible

  • It can be a struggle to find time for yourself, do self-care, or expand your personal horizons. Online counselling can make this process simpler: consultations can be done through video counselling or can provide consistency between sessions. Persons in rural areas may find video counselling easier and more accessible. Mental health can ebb and flow cyclically or unexpectedly. Sometimes life's challenges can come in waves of stress that are disruptive and you find yourself needing a little support or assistance. Video counselling can provide consistent accessible care. Resuming care or seeking care can be done in a timely and efficient manner that smooths out these bumps in what life presents.


    Secure Online Therapy Sessions

    • Your place, at a time convenient to us both
    • Provides high-quality mental and behavioural health care that is simple and convenient.
    • Uses secure online video, no matter the place.
    • Provides consistency of care at your convenience: happier you without leaving home
    • Is accessible to those persons who might otherwise not try counselling.
    • Removes stigma related to mental health counselling or other anxiety that may arise with sitting in waiting rooms.


    • Secure, Encrypted, Private
    • PHIPA, HIPA, & JIPA Compliant
    • Encrypted Connection
    • Online Payments with credit card
    • Private & Confidential
    • Online Appointment Scheduling

    Individuals & Couples

    • Self-discovery and knowledge, personal insight and growth
    • Development of personal resources
    • Happiness, hope, wellness, meaning and purpose
    • Emotional acceptance
    • Developmental and behavioral issues
    • General anxiety and depression including social anxiety
    • Resolving problems and making decisions
    • Integration of spirituality and values
    • Life-cycle Transitions: birth, learning and developmental disabilities, ending school and beginning career, independent living, getting married, motherhood, menopause, andropause and mid-life; aging parents, illness and aging, retirement and purpose, retirement home transitions, simpler living, reducing social chaos, case management for seniors, dying.
    • Stress management
    • Crisis management
    • Anger management
    • Accompaniment through medical crises
    • Psychological illness and distress
    • Post-traumatic stress recovery (EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)
    • Trauma including abuse
    • Grief recovery and healing